Will Biden uphold his promises?

The Equinox discusses the impacts that Joe Biden may have on the country

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The country has decided on a President-elect: Former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden is projected to win the 2020 election as he currently has 290 electoral votes to President Donald Trump’s 214. While The Equinox agrees that he is fit for the job, there is worry about how long he will last and if we will end up seeing Vice President-elect Kamala Harris taking over the presidency. As of 2020, Biden is 77 years old which means he will be 81 by the end of the four-year term. Whether or not he lives through those four years, it is likely that people will not consider him for reelection. There are also many claims circulating about Biden’s health and whether that will impact his ability to be present as a leader.

The Equinox is interested to see how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will run the country compared to President Donald Trump who was elected in 2016. Many of the issues that the United States is currently facing are very different from the way they were in 2016 so it is likely that voters were looking for a different voice to lead in terms of the civil and global unrest.

Compared to the current president, Biden has a much more moderate stance. One of the concerns that The Equinox has is that Biden seems to be easier to sway on many issues. While this could be a positive thing because he will listen to the American population, it could also lead to coercion if he doesn’t stand his ground on important issues.

The Equinox is also looking to see if Biden upholds the promises he made during his campaign as well as how he will handle matters such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has been vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement and Breonna Taylor’s case which provides hope for the future for many minority populations in the country. This will be a big change from the culture in the country with President Trump as many of the issues concerning race are still causing unrest.

The Equinox agrees that for many Democrats, Biden was the only suitable choice, however, it will be interesting to see how this plays out with a Republican-dominated U.S. Senate. For Biden, this might mean that he will spend the next four years rebuilding the country instead of passing his own laws and policies.

The country has strayed from traditional roots, but with a more moderate Democrat in the seat of power, there is a good chance that the country will see more unity between the two parties. The Equinox also agrees that Biden was a moral vote for a lot of Democrats, which means there are a lot of expectations that he will improve the state of the country.

President Trump has made many contributions to the country including lowering gas prices, providing immigration control, aiding in prison reform and reducing unemployment rates. While Biden has a lot of damage control to do, he also has a lot of positive economic platforms that are being left behind for him. The Equinox is optimistic about the future and hopes for the best for the future of the United States.

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