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This semester’s Stuff-A-Plush looked a little different from years past, yet the Mable Brown Room (MBR) was popping on Sunday, November 8 from 12-3 p.m.

All Keene State College students were welcomed at the event to pick out a soft animal and a bag of stuffing.

Everyone had the choice to stay and stuff at the table provided in the MBR or they could take them to go.

Senior Katelynn Kaimi started to work in the student center, “so [she could]hear about all the activities that are happening.”

Stuff-A-Plush was an event she really wanted to go to while she was working last Sunday.

Kaimi has attended Stuff-A-Plush in the past when Keene state had their winter festival.

“I [now]have a koala and a polar bear,” Kaimi said.

Returning students, such as Kaimi, who have been to the event in years past were happy that the pandemic did not affect it. “I didn’t expect [Stuff-A-Plush] to be an event this year because usually, you have to reach into bags of fluff, but I am glad they brought it back. I think it is a really good thing for people to have on campus,” said Kaimi.

First-year Marcos Silveria said, “My friend asked me to come down [to the student center], and I remembered for Halloween they had a thing for stuffing animals, I stuffed a bear, so I decided to come again.” Silveria’s friend first-year Sarah Gobiel also attended the event.

Gobiel explained that she heard about the event from her friend, Bailey, the SAC Vice President, and she came to support her and the club. Both Silveria and Gobiel got to the event early and stuffed their own sloths. They were also excited about spinning SAC’s prize wheel that was present at the event. “I liked being able to sit there and actually have the full experience of making a little thing and spin the wheel, I got a straw,” Gobiel said.

Students worked throughout the student center at tables with their friends. Silveria was happy to get the opportunity of having the Stuff-A-Plush event. “What I really like about the event was that I was able to hang out with friends again and chuckling and trying to stuff the sloth cuz it’s such a pain,” Silveria said. “But hey, it’s fun.”

SAC’s Event Coordinator Jake Zamansky planned and attended the Stuff-A-Plush event. He was happy with the outcome of the event, even though this was his first Stuff-A-Plush. Zamansky shared that he thought that the grab-and-go they used this year was a “good method” and it helped keep safe distance for students attending. “I did take a duck,” said Zamansky.

He went on to say that Stuff-A-Plush (and events like it) are, “good opportunities for leadership and I encourage people to get involved with this.”

As the event was well maintained and safe, students had something to enjoy on Sunday besides football. It was also a great end of the weekend event to start for a positive week. If you had not made your own fur baby this time, look out for other Stuff-A-Plush events again next semester.


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