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With the election happening in just a few days, there is a sense of tension and unease in the air as we come down to seeing who will win the election this year. We have two interesting candidates and some very fiery and passionate voters in the election cycle so it will be interesting to see the outcome.

Approximately 80 million people have already voted in this election due to absentee ballots and other forms of mail-in ballots, myself being one of them. With this many votes already being submitted, it feels awkward to not know what the outcome looks like so far. Many people have their own feelings about this election and many people have their own thoughts on who will win. I personally think that former Vice President Joe Biden has a really good chance of winning the 2020 Presidential Election. While I am not a democrat, and I will openly say I did not vote for Joe Biden, I will say that I think his standings look very good and that, given a little bit of research on my part, I think it is easy to see how he has a good chance of winning.

To start, from my personal perspective, I know so many people who are voting for Biden. I know that New Hampshire is not particularly the most accurate representation, and that is probably weird to look at, but I think the reasoning behind the way they voted is interesting. I have some friends, specifically, who voted for former Vice President Joe Biden because they did not want to see President Trump reelected. I think this is a relatively common sentiment among those who voted for him. There are many reasons behind this in my eyes but possibly the one I am the most familiar with would be the trendy hashtag “#SettleforBiden” and the Instagram page of the same name. The hashtag has about 16.2k posts and the Instagram page has about 275k followers. There is definitely overlap in these groups and these numbers are not accurate assessments of actual ballots cast but I think it is fair to say this is a common idea to many people.

I also think that Texas becoming a battleground state is a really great sign for Biden. Texas has been trending more democratic for a few years now at least and I predict that this trend will only work more in Biden’s favor. This, as well as the number of new voters from Texas, will continue this more left-leaning trend and it is very possible to see a Biden victory, at least in Texas.

I just think that this time around, democrats are really trying to put an end to Trump’s presidency. Aforementioned, whether they actually like Biden or not, I think after their upset in 2016 when Hillary Clinton lost, they took it particularly hard, mainly in part to how many predictions said that Clinton would win, it really came as a surprise to everyone. Not to mention the confirmation of Amy Coney Barret which was seen as a terrible loss to most democrats across the country. I think that, for this cycle, democrats are trying harder than ever to see a victory for themselves and they are trying to obtain this with increased advertisements, phone banking and other forms of campaigning.

Overall, I think Biden has a really good shot at the presidency. I think there are many more factors than just the ones I mentioned before, and, obviously, I am probably not anywhere close to being accurate in my assessment of the Biden campaign, however, there have been many political upsets and nothing can tell who the winner will be like the votes themselves. Regardless of the victor, this has already been an interesting campaign season and I, for one, am excited to see how this plays out on November 3.


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