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“Garden of Riches,” a new art gallery, has opened at the Carroll House Gallery. The gallery exhibits artwork from professional artists, Keene State College faculty and students. “Garden of Riches” is curated by Good Naked Gallery along with Keene State painting professor Emily Lambert. The gallery also includes snippets from an outdoor gallery hosted by Lambert on her field in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

The title “Garden of Riches” comes from Keene State art professor Lynn Richardson’s sculpture of the same title.

“I started building them a few years ago. I was thinking about how we always hang everything in gold and it shows our wealth and our prestige,” said Richardson. “Originally, they were supposed to read as a one-point perspective, and this illusion of grandeur that sucks you in, but really it goes nowhere and it’s just a facade.”

Richardson explained that coming up with the title “Garden of Riches” was a bit of a process that came with the setting of the gallery. “When I knew it was going outside at Emily [Lambert’s] house, I was kind of thinking about this extravagant blanket that you would throw on the ground for a picnic, and obviously it’s not practical at all because it’s just plexiglass,” said Richardson.

Lambert, in a previous Equinox article, said about the outdoor gallery, “We hung paintings in the trees, Lynn [Richardson] installed her sculptural piece in the grass and in the field and we had sculpture all outside. We’re going to bring a selection of that work to the Carroll House [Gallery].”

“Garden of Riches” will be on display until November 23 at the Carroll House Gallery.


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