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Spring registration has begun; however, students may wonder if this week is going to look a little different given the circumstances of the coronavirus.

Before doing any registering, talking to an academic advisor is a good first step in the right direction in terms of picking the classes that are right for that student.

Academic Scheduler Brendan Denehy gave students a ballpark for how many classes will be online versus in-person next semester.

“Keene State has about 850 sections in the Spring 2021 semester. We will have about 180 sections that will be taught fully online,” said Denehy.

Keene State is still going to be using ‘remote-hybrid’ or ‘remote-blended’ classes. “While these sections will meet on campus in classrooms, there is an option for a remote student to participate via zoom,” said Denehy.

Denehy acknowledged many people have been wondering if there is going to be an increase in the number of in-person classes, “The ratio of in-person classes will stay the same. ‘Remote-hybrid’ and ‘[remote]-blended’ classes are taught in-person; not all students are online.” The Registrar’s Office is feeling good about this year’s registration process and students are also having an easy time registering for their classes.

Associate Provost Sue Castriotta says the college is still discussing the number of classes that will be online and on campus, “How many classes online and on campus is still in flux and won’t be answered until next week,” said Castriotta

Castriotta suggested checking out Keene State’s website to get a full understanding of what registration week will look like.
“Regarding what spring semester will look like, go to,” said Castriotta.

Keene State sophomore David Anania has finished registering for his classes and he said it went better than he thought it would.

“With everything being impacted by COVID, I was nervous something was going to happen with my class registration, but it actually went well,” said Anania.

Anania went on to talk about how it really just seemed like every other orientation week. “I spoke with my advisor about the classes I need to take this semester, picked my classes out and now I am fully registered for next semester.”

Anania has a good feeling about next semester.

“Seeing how this semester has gone so far, I believe we have done a good job compared to other schools. I’m definitely optimistic about next semester.”



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