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In the second of three scheduled red versus white Keene State field hockey scrimmages, not even a shootout could decide the winner.
Last Thursday, the two halves of the Keene State College field hockey team squared off once again, dueling through four quarters of intense field hockey competition at the Owl Athletic Complex. The scrimmage ended in a tie in regulation, 3-3, sending the teams into a shootout to decide the winner. However, in the best-of-five shootout situation, each team scored twice and missed all of their other shot attempts, leaving the final result of the shootout tied as well.
The stars of the game for the red team were sophomore forward Clara Hunkins and sophomore midfielder Maggie Cahoon. Hunkins scored two of the red team’s three goals, tying her personal best of two goals in a single game, which she was able to do twice in 2019. Hunkins also netted one of the team’s two goals in the shootout. Cahoon contributed to all three of her team’s goals in regulation, assisting Hunkins on both of her goals and scoring one herself. Plus, Cahoon scored the other one of the red team’s two goals in the shootout.
For the white team, two familiar faces led the attack on offense. Those two players were senior forward Kayla Klein, who scored two of the white team’s three goals, and senior forward Nina Bruno, who scored the team’s third goal and assisted Klein on one of hers. Klein also scored one of the white team’s two goals in the shootout, with senior defender Jordyn Martin scoring the other.
Furthermore, the top goalkeeper in the scrimmage was first-year Molly Edmark on the red team, who withstood a grand total of 12 shots on goal and made nine saves. First-year Victoria Watson and junior Tess Whitney split the time in goal for the white team 30 minutes apiece, with Watson making two saves while allowing three goals and Whitney making one save while allowing zero goals.
Although there was no decisive winner, this scrimmage was much more competitive than the first one that took place on October 15, which ended with the white team winning in a 5-0 shutout. In that first scrimmage, the players on the red team only found six opportunities to attempt shots, while the white team took a grand total of 18 shots at the red team’s net. This time around though, the red team had a grand total of 12 shot attempts, while the white team had 16, showing statistically that the second scrimmage was much more competitive than the first one.
Now, through the first two scrimmages, Klein leads both teams in scoring, with a grand total of three goals. Bruno and Hunkins are the only other players so far with multiple goals, each having scored two through the first two scrimmages. Sophomore midfielder Chase Lambert and freshman forward Alison Corriveau have also scored goals in the scrimmages.
The last of the three scheduled scrimmages is set to take place Thursday, October 29 at 6 p.m., which will also be the team’s senior night.


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