Director of Strategic Project Management Michelle Wood joined the student assembly meeting to seek advice from the student leaders regarding the pre-arrival testing options for spring semester 2021. Wood said that the pre-arrival testing in August was rushed and had miscommunications. Wood said that the college is looking forward to doing a pilot testing in a few weeks with about 50 campus members including students, faculty, and staff to check its feasibility. Wood said that the goal is to be clear on what to do regarding pre-arrival testing by Thanksgiving.
A couple of student leaders presented their problems with pre-arrival testing during summer. They also suggested Wood some ideas on how to make it better. Student leader Josh Lacaillade suggested Wood that the college could send constant reminders regarding pre-arrival testing so that the students don’t forget.
Wood said that the Keene State College is proud of its weekly testing and is appreciative towards the students for their participation.
Student Government Advisor Jen Ferrell reminded the student leaders to be more vigilant this weekend and for the rest of the semester. Ferrell asked the student leaders to spread the word on the events happening this weekend inside and outside the student center. She said the students can find out about the events happening over the weekend through


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