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Sometimes, things don’t go quite as planned.

That was the story in the last two-minutes of the women’s soccer Red vs. White Intrasquad Scrimmage on October 8.

The red squad was made up of first-years Madelynn Dunigan, Maya Baker, Sienna Carter, Elizabeth Kopicko, Kendall Healey, sophomores Kayleigh Marshall and Rachel Spear, juniors Alyssa Wilcox, Victoria Reynolds, Marianna Panakis, Mandi Dovas and seniors Shelby Offord, Abbie Terrinca, Sarah Carron and captain Maggie Vogt.

The white squad was made up of first-years Alexa Skinner, Rachel Souza, Gillian Vileila, Kayla Gibbons, sophomores Amanda Marshall, Charlotte Drake, Amy Perna, juniors Rebecca Koziara, Casey Koziara, Kaliana Palhof, captain Alex Kennedy and seniors Jordyn Abasciano, Ashley Bates and Rachel Braun.

The scrimmage started slow with only two goals being scored within the first half.

The first goal came from the red squad and was scored by Kendall Healey with an assist from Kayleigh Marshall. The second goal of the half was scored 30 seconds later, this time by white squad team member Jordyn Abasciano.

Going into the second half the game was tied up, however, that tie wouldn’t last for long as Gillian Vilela from the white squad would score, unassisted, 30 seconds into the second half.

That goal would be followed by two more red squad goals, these ones scored by Sarah Carron (assisted by Victoria Reynolds) and Kayleigh Marshall (assisted by Sarah Carron). White squad team member Amanda Marshall would bring the score to an even tie with an assist from Rachel Braun with only six minutes left in the scrimmage.

At this point it looked as if the scrimmage would go into overtime with the score sitting at 3-3.

Unexpectedly, with two minutes left in the game, goalkeeper Rebecca Koziara would be taken out of the scrimmage due to a face injury. This loss would leave the white squad without a goalkeeper for the remainder of the game.

However, the goal would not be empty for long. Red squad member and sophomore defense on the team Rachel Spear, without hesitation, would grab a pair of Shelby Offord’s goalie gloves and run into the goal.

Spear’s skills in the field unfortunately did not correlate to her skills in net, as she allowed the red squad to score twice during her two minutes of guarding, once by Kendall Healey (unassisted) and once by Sarah Carron (assisted by Kendall Healey and Maya Baker).

Final score of the scrimmage was 5-3 with the red squad taking home the win.

The women’s soccer team will face off again on October 22 at 6:30 p.m. at Ron Butcher Field. If you want to attend the scrimmage, you must be up-to-date on the Keene testing protocols and have the properly colored wrist band for that week.

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