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To many Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a fascinating and impressive woman and this expression is just one of the many titles she was granted over her time on the Supreme Court. She was a pioneer for women everywhere and many owe her a ‘thank you’ for helping women get to where they are today. What some might not know is that those words: “an amazing woman” were spoken by our very own President Trump. I think this says a lot about where we stand today as a society. I, being more conservative, have many liberal friends and they, of course, mourned her loss a great deal; I did as well. I think that she did many things that were important. But I am not here to tell you that she did good things. I am here to tell you that her death is a bipartisan loss and that from across the aisle, we should all mourn her and carry her legacy on.

As only the second woman to ever sit on the Supreme Court, she has done and said many things that have made her essentially famous, or infamous, depending on your stance. Many republicans and extreme democrats have dismissed her as a menace to society and their way of life. Republicans would argue that she was too liberal and they do not like her beliefs and what she voted and stood for, which I think is a fair assessment; that’s just politics.

However, something that has surprised me is that many liberal extremists have come out saying that she was just a pro-capitalist, neo-liberal who was a menace to their extremist views. Which again, while I do not really agree with this stance, is just politics in plain.

I think I was most surprised by this because R.B.G. is often seen as a hero to democrats everywhere. I have witnessed her be called a “pro-capitalist pig” by many people I know and it is honestly upsetting and gross. I think it is disgusting that her death needs to be politicized like this. She was not actively running for office or anything like that; she was merely doing her job, like she has been since 1993 when she was appointed to the Supreme Court under Bill Clinton.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a national loss and we all should mourn her death whether you agree with her stances or not. I was not particularly a die-hard fan of hers but she did many things in support of women across America and that, at least, deserves to be recognized, especially after her death. Personally, I do not agree with parts of her voting record, but she voted for what she believed in, like anyone would do.

Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late judge. And so far she seems very good for the position. She has a respectable record and stands up for what current conservatives would agree about.


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