Pandemic or not, the Keene State College Dance Team will always find a way to grow their talent and add to their team.

On September 21, 22 and 23, the team held their fall tryouts in Spaulding Gymnasium with added safety precautions due to COVID-19.

Lauren Pearce, a junior on the team, explained that not only did those interested in tryouts have to register ahead of time, but they also had to follow several guidelines during the tryouts themselves.

“We didn’t have as big of a turn out for fall tryouts as we usually do but we’re assuming that’s because of COVID,” Pearce explained. “Our E-board had to take everyone’s temperatures before we even entered the gym and report it back to the school. They also placed orange cones all over the gym, over 6-feet apart so we could all learn the dance but stay at a safe distance.”

The dance team is one of the many clubs that have been affected by COVID-19 safety precautions, but according to Pearce they aren’t letting it stop them from having a great year. Pearce explained that although the team will not be performing at games or at Keene’s Pumpkin-Fest this year, they will still compete at the National Dance Alliance (NDA) competition.

“So instead of going to UDA (Universal Dance Association) in Disney in January, we are instead going to NDA in New Jersey,” said Pearce. “They made this switch so we don’t have to fly on an airplane as well as Florida is a hotspot for COVID.”

At the end of tryouts, the executive board for the team chose 5 new members for the team.


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