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Keene State resumes in-person campus tours.

The Keene State College Admissions Department is resuming their campus tours by giving students the option of taking a virtual or  in-person tour. Administrators are hopeful that these tours will encourage students to make the choice of enrolling at Keene State.

The inclement weather didn’t seem to deter the Friday afternoon tour group. Prospective students expressed their enthusiasm while exploring the campus to help refine their college search. Sasha Watts, the Assistant Director of

Admissions at Keene State, gave the tour to several students and showed off many of the buildings on our campus.

Visitors were led down Appian Way and admired the friendly atmosphere that makes Keene State so special. College tours are critical in the college process. It allows students to ask questions, meet other students and get the feel of the college campus environment. Some questions visitors asked were about housing, meal plans, course facilities and class sizes.

This authentic tour experience is invaluable in attracting new students to become Keene Owls, says Sasha Watts. Tour guide Watts also encouraged the participants of the tour to visit the virtual tour. The virtual tour is located on the Keene State website and offers the ability to look inside many of the buildings located throughout campus and read or watch about the type of atmosphere it may bring.

Several measures were in place to keep participants safe during the tour due to COVID-19. First, to ensure added safety, student tour guides are prohibited from giving tours to incoming students. Administrators, instead of students, have replaced the tour guide positions. Maggie Cahoon, a student tour guide, said, “We are trying to limit the number of people we bring to campus to keep everything safe!”

“Student tour guides will be able to give tours in the near future once everything is safe,” said Watts. The members have to maintain social distance throughout the tour and a maximum of ten people can attend a tour group at a time, including the tour guide.

The limited number of visitors is problematic for Keene’s future enrollment. “We find that when students want to come visit, we have a better chance of getting them to apply to Keene State. That is challenging because there used to be 30 visitors at a time rather than 10,” said Watts.

Visitors are required to fill out a visitor health and safety application, which asks questions about traveling outside of New England and stresses the importance of maintaining an adequate distance throughout the tour. The visitor health and safety application is located on the Keene State website and is mandatory to ensure a safe experience. The tour was strictly around campus; participants were not allowed to enter any of the buildings due to the coronavirus pandemic. This did not bother participants who were very enthused for the opportunity to be on campus. The campus tours will continue throughout the week Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for incoming students who want to participate.


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