The Art Collective, one of Keene State’s many academic organizations, is focused on creating art during these difficult times. Their central goal is to create a sense of community for everyone, regardless of their artistic skill or experience.

“The Art Collective is a more relaxed environment than the typical art class, with more feedback and interpersonal relations focusing around art,” said President of the Art Collective Keegan O’Brien.

“They are hoping to do collaborative works and create a sense of art community,” said the Art Collective faculty advisor Emily Lambert.

This semester, the Art Collective is planning on exploring many artistic styles and means of creating art.

“Charcoal, figure models and comic-making are all currently planned for this semester,” said O’Brien.

The group’s main priority now is recruiting new members. They have had some struggles recently in recruiting new members, according to O’Brien. This has only been made more difficult because of the COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings.

“I am struggling to recruit members. I have made various announcements to classes and at events with minimal feedback,” said O’Brien.

Even though attendance has been low, the Art Collective is pushing on. The group encourages new members to come join and see what the organization is all about. According to O’Brien, having a place to be creative and be together with others is crucial during these tough times. They encourage anyone, who is interested, to join.

“Come do some art, it’s very motivating to have a surge of inspiration all around you,” said O’Brien.

The Art Collective meets on Thursdays at 5 p.m. in the Painting Studio inside the Redfern Art Center.


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