The Keene State Academic and Career Advising department held their first online career clinic for students who needed help with resumes and career advising. 

The clinic was held on Wednesday, September 9, between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., and multiple students attended the event for some extra career help. 

“I definitely thought the career clinic was helpful,” said Christopher Lanzi, a first-year student Sustainable Product Design and Innovation major who was looking to find help with his resume. “I have more of a clear mind of what I should be doing over the next few years as far as my resume and internships go.”

Academic and Career Advisors were giving advice on resumes by showing them how to access resume templates on jobwise for their specific major. Advisors were also giving career advice to students who were interested in internships for their major. 

The whole event was held through Zoom. Advisors sent students into virtual breakout rooms where students could get one-on-one help with staff. “There were some challenges with the meetings being on zoom, there’s only so much you can do on a screen,” said Marwanga Nelson, a junior with a computer science major. “For beginners, they walked me through the academic page that had some helpful tips, they also gave me an email address where I could reach them, and finally showed me sample resumes…they also allowed me to set up a one on one meeting so that was great.”

The Academic and Career Advising held in person career clinics in the past that were successful, but due to them being online this semester made the staff worry that not many students would attend the event, said Louise Ewing, an Academic and Career Advisor at Keene State College. 

This was the first online career clinic this semester because of the new changes with coronavirus. While dealing with the coronavirus and having this year’s clinic be online, it created some challenges for students and staff.

“This is hard and a transition but I think students are doing incredibly well with there being a drastic change from what the career clinic was like a year ago,” said Louise Ewing. “I’m feeling pretty hopeful, which was more than I was before the event started.”

The staff is looking forward to bringing in local employers for future career clinics who could meet with students and answer career questions, review resumes, and have discussions with students over future careers, said Ewing. 

“Whether it be help on resumes or advice on careers, the Academic and Career Advising department is always happy to help” said Beverly Behrmann, an Academic and Career Advisor. 

The Academic and Career Advising department can be reached at (603)-358-2500 or email and they are available for help Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. 


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