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Keene State College’s Social Activities Council has given students opportunities to get out of the dorm and get social on campus with Snack Night.

Snack Night was held in the MableBrown Room on Tuesday, March 3, kicking off at 8 p.m.

When entering the room, each student received a punch card that turned into a raffle ticket after having visited each food table. From strawberry banana smoothies to wings and pasta, the event had many students excited, especially for the chance to win a $100 gift card to Walmart.

Junior Gianna Massa attended the event. Massa “heard free food and Walmart,” so she decided to stop by with her friend after her work shift. She not only enjoyed the macaroni but also commented that “it just smelled so good walking in.”

Some students hear about these events through friends while others find out from social media, like senior Anna DePasquale. DePasquale saw a flyer on Facebook and then sent it to her friend. DePasquale stated that she “live[s] off-campus and didn’t really want to cook dinner.”

Most students probably know the struggle of feeling stuck with their homework. DePasquale decided to take a break from writing a paper to get some free dinner and to participate in the raffle. “The wings were good and it was a nice change from what I would get from the DC,” DePasquale said.

While DePasquale had her dinner, first-year Dominic Lynch had a great time at the event.

He heard about the event from his friend on SAC, so he and his table all came over together as a group after having dinner. “I loved the fruit; I am a sucker for fruit,” explained Lynch.

Also at the event was the appearance of SAC’s famous “spin to win” game, along with snacks. First-year Matt White said that he came for the free food and “won a free wallet too.”

With full tables and an overall sound of joy (and smell of food) in the air, SAC events like these are fun things to experience on campus. Although they ran out of food earlier than expected, Snack Night was a great, late-night break for Keene State students.

You heard it here first: KSC students love events with free food, or maybe that’s just everyone.

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