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“There’s a lot at stake in this election that will directly affect our generation and our futures,” said first-year student Caitlin Howard about why it is important for students to register to vote. 

“Voting is one of the main ways we get to have our voices heard by those that represent us, and with this comes tremendous power,” she continued, “and I think that everyone should utilize it.” 

Junior Courtney Leonard also talked about the importance of college students going out to vote. “It’s important that we register to vote because we get to decide who runs our country and the more involved we are the better.” 

Junior Cassandra Cini said, “If all college students vote it’s raising the youth voting population and more youth voices are being heard.”

“The election in November is going to greatly affect our generation as we grow up, graduate college, find jobs, buy homes and so many other aspects of our adult life,” said first-year student Allison Newey. “Therefore, it’s important that college students read up on the issues that are important to them and vote for someone who holds similar beliefs.”

Many students have different opinions on what they want they are looking for in a candidate. Cini said, “I’m looking for a candidate who isn’t compliant with the system and wants to rebuild, not to continue with the way things are and also has, or is open to, new ideas.” 

“I’m looking for a candidate who will remain truthful to the American people and keep the interests of the people in mind, rather than his or her self interest,” Howard stated. “A lot of people are feeling hopeless and discouraged under this current administration, so I’m looking for someone who can restore hope.”

 “Someone who cares enough to help the middle and lower class more than the upper class,” said Leonard. “Also someone who’s approachable.” 

“Someone who is willing to negotiate and work across the aisle, as well as someone who looks out for the interests of the American people and not just pleasing their party,” expressed Newey. 

Students were also driven to vote because of the issues that matter to them. “Some issues that are important to me are women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, common sense gun control and making higher education more affordable,” said Howard. 

Many students interviewed brought up that the issues that are important to them in the upcoming election are ones that are going to affect their generation directly. Some issues included climate change and healthcare. 

Students like Newey, for example, think that climate change is one of the big issues in the upcoming election. “Some issues that are important to me include climate change, gun control, foreign police and women’s reproductive rights,” Newey said.  

Cini also stated issues that are important to her, including “student loans, economy, rights for minorities and problems in America civilly.” 

“Taxes, where they’re coming from and where we’re taking them, is a very important issue to me,” said Leonard. “Women’s rights, gun control and minimum wage are also very important to me.” 

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