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KSCDT comes in 10th at UDA Nationals

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The dance team carries a uniquity that most other teams on campus do not have. The KSC Dance Team does not have a coach. However, the team is not without leadership. Senior and co-captain Ariel Luria said, “As a captain, I have the responsibilities of a full-time college student and a full-time professional coach.” Luria, in addition to being a student and a dancer, has all of the responsibilities that a full-time collegiate coach would have. “My responsibilities include communicating with the school to set up performances and opportunities for community involvement, constant communication with the Varsity Spirit Company to set up nationals, hiring a nationals choreographer, choreographing dances for the team for halftime performances, cleaning the nationals dance and conditioning the team and researching other teams and coaches to train the team to the best of my ability,” said Luria.

While getting tenth place in the UDA National Championship is something to celebrate, making it there was another feat entirely. Junior and co-captain Kimberly Kalis said the process of getting to nationals is a longer one than she expected. “During the summer, the captain and I asked the choreographer who we wanted to hire if she would be willing to help us, and then we started looking into the different music once she was on board. Finding music that is different, that makes a statement and is appropriate for the hip-hop style is very hard, but Ariel already had some ideas which made it a little easier,” Kalis said. The UDA Championships were held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida. 

Coming in tenth place at the national championship means that the KSC Dance Team is currently in the top 10 dance teams in the nation in the open hip-hip category. When asked about how it felt to be tenth in the country, senior and dance team manager Brooke Meehan said, “[It felt] really good. All of the work that we do all semester really comes together at this competition; that’s what the fall semester is about, getting ready for this competition, so placing and doing so well really ties together this whole year and it being my senior year adds to the excitement.” 

In addition to the rush of placing at the national level, the thrill of the competition is just one of the things that made this special. Luria said, “Performing on the college nationals stage is such an overwhelming out-of-body experience. Preparing backstage you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s a very moving experience for me. My mom passed away when I was in middle school and I always feel so connected to her in this moment before going on stage because the energy in the area is so intense and passionate and it is so moving to be surrounded by thousands of people who are just as passionate to compete as you.” 

While the KSCDT may not get the notoriety that other athletic teams do, these women deserve the respect and admiration that all other teams get. They are one of the best athletic teams KSC has to offer. 

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