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According to the most recent Jeanne Clery report, on-campus burglaries from student housing facilities increased slightly between 2017 and 2018.

Associate Director of Campus Safety Stuart Mitchell said the most recent burglaries have taken place in residence halls.

“There have been seven reported thefts this semester. Three were from the laundry rooms in different residence halls, one was in a common area, one outside the residence hall and two from the Winchester Lot,” said Mitchell.

First-year Nathanael Roth was one of the seven victims of theft.

“I left my car unlocked and a person went through several cars, but got caught by the police. My Yeti mug was stolen, but I didn’t report because it wasn’t worth it,” Roth said.

According to campus safety, ways to avoid these types of incidents are include locking your dorm room and car doors, keeping important items in a lockbox and being careful about who you let into your room.

If a student is the victim of theft they can call Campus Safety at 603-358-2228 or go into Keddy Hall which is open 24/7 to report it as soon as they discover the theft.

“Letting your RD and RA know about any issues like this should always be done as well,” said Mitchell. “It is important that we know about these incidents so we can try to identify any trends or ongoing concerns to the KSC community as a whole.”

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