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Some people who are new to campus may not think that finals bingo is a big of a deal. You may think you are too cool or too busy to even bother with going.

I am a junior at Keene State College, and I have been to bingo almost every semester.

The famous Night Owl Cafe/game room, the people who bring you Trivia Night and Sizzlers, goes big on finals week. I think finals bingo is a fun event to go to with my friends and also is an escape from my studying and papers.

It only goes till about midnight and my roommates and I try to go every time. This semester, it is happening Tuesday December 10, at 10 p.m in the MabelBrown Room.

I personally love going to events that have food that is free. It gives me motivation to go. My favorite thing they have every year is the spinach- artichoke dip.

An obvious close second is the buffalo chicken dip, I usually get both with a good amount of tortilla chips. The line might get a little long, but I would suggest getting to the student center a little early. Be patient, it is definitely worth it.

The Mabel Brown Room fills up with students and everyone one of them gets a stack of bingo sheets. You find a stop to sit and get your dotter.

Just a tip, always test it before it all starts to make sure it works.

You can either commit to the whole night or even just for a couple rounds. You can leave whenever you want, but the later you stay, the better the prizes get. You can also only win once.

I have not won bingo, yet. To start out, it is the typically bingo pattern, then whoever has double bingo, four corners, and even fill the board.

Each round is a little different, so it keeps it interesting. In the past, they have given out gift cards to Applebee’s, Chilis’, $100 to TJ Maxx, $100 to Amazon, and the list goes on.

I would love to go on a trip, and being a broke college student, I would love to win that Air B&B or even Southwest Airlines gift card. It is obviously disappointing to walk away without saying the words “BINGO,” but everyone really seems to get into it. The high energy and food combination makes for a good time.

For this year, I’m excited for the bigger prizes that the NOC is giving out too. They have an Apple Watch and Air Pods!  The Air Pods are new for this year and I would not mind a pair of those. If not, I will still enjoy the mac n’ cheese bar.

For everyone attending Tuesday night, I wish you luck and may the odds be in your favor.

Denise Ronan can be contacted at dronan@kscequinox.com

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