Families and friends are known to celebrate traditions with each other this time of year.

Some visit extended family while others spend time with those under the same roof as them. Either way, most take the holiday season as an opportunity to relax and eat food.

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, Keene State College students have an upcoming break. Students get to spend this time however they please until the last few weeks of the semester arrive. Some may participate in traditions such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday or just stick with the history and turkey.

First-year Samuel Henry says he’s going home for Thanksgiving. He talked about how his family gathers around an oblong table. “[We] place turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and a few other things on the table then we all have dinner together. [For favorite food] I’d have to go with couscous. Man, it is so good. I could eat that stuff all day. Especially my mom’s recipe. It’s a great time.” Henry also mentioned that even though he never took advantage of Black Friday in the past, he wasn’t  going to miss his chance this year. “This next [Black Friday] is going to be the one. I am going to go all out and buy a whole lot of stuff [for Black Friday ] and for Cyber Monday too,” said Henry. Henry’s plans for the weekend are to work on some music with friends and relax.

Daniel Walker is a sophomore at KSC who is also planning on going home for Thanksgiving. Walker says his favorite food is turkey stuffing. “I like the weekend because you can finally relax with no responsibilities, for at least a couple of days,” said Walker. Walker said he was planning on participating in both Cyber Monday and Black Friday. “I like to see everyone freaking out on Black Friday, but I also like how easy cyber Monday is.”

“We usually have three Thanksgivings,” said sophomore Jack Cimino about his former break experiences. He continues, “for each half of my divorced family. My mom’s parents each have a Thanksgiving, and we go to my dad’s brother’s house in upstate New York for his side of the family’s Thanksgiving,” said Cimino. Much like Walker, Cimino’s favorite food is the stuffing, “My mom makes excellent stuffing, both Gluten free and just regular stuffing,” said Cimino. “No way I’m going out and getting stampeded on half price Capitalism day,” said Cimino about Black Friday. In terms of Cyber Monday Cimino said, “ I’ll maybe get a few things for Christmas on cyber Monday though, wrapped up in a blanket instead of layered up in a blizzard outside K-Mart.”

Henry also commented about Christmas decorating around this season. “I take a more intellectual approach. While I don’t currently have access to dozens of ornaments, I have hundreds in my head,” stated Henry. “We are currently in the process of redecorating my conscience to be full of Christmas cheer and joyful spirit. It’s much more practical (and effective!) than spending money on all of these physical things. It’s all in the mind, man. I assure you, by December, I won’t be the same person.”

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