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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Friday night at the Putnam Theater in the Redfern provided a different type of movie to watch during this spooky season. Especially to those in the crowd that were new to the film, they probably didn’t realize this would be such an interactive audience.

Sweethearts, Brad played by Barry Bostwick and Janet played by Susan Sarandon, are our main characters everyone loves to yell at. They had no idea what they were going to find on that rainy night, getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. They ended up seeing a light on in an old mansion and the audience gets to sing along to “Over at the Frankenstein Place”. This mansion is filled some very interesting characters like Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite scientist, and Richard O’ Brien as Riff Raff sided with Patricia Quinn as Magenta, the misbehaved but fun help. You cannot forget about the creation himself Rocky Horror played by Peter Hinwood.

Val Mamish went with her roommate who told her all about the show beforehand: “I thought the costume contest was really cool and I loved seeing all the different costumes!” You were able to walk right into the theatre and you were greeted by Rocky in his golden shorts and a slice of pizza.

The Bear in the Big Blue House was the winner of the costume contest they got a bag of candy. In second place was the basic witch, and land Ariel came in third place, even while brushing her hair with a fork. Some other cool costumes included a homemade Luigi from the Haunted Mansion, and a couple of familiar characters from Stranger Things and even Rocky Horror itself!

Transfer student, Kim Garian, dressed up as Eleven from Stranger Things for the contest. Garian heard about the showing from the KSC Film Society meetings (on Tuesdays) and she said that it was her “first time watching the movie”. She also added that she “never seen the Putnam Theater this packed”.  The fans really brought their spirit making it a perfect show for anyone around Halloween.

Sophomore Anna Costa stated, “I thought the movie was awesome! [It was] even more fun and interactive than it would’ve been watching alone”. It was an experience like no other, Mamish said “It was funny how people were interactive with the movie”. The staff passing out scripts  made it a little easier to follow along if you were new to the film or needed a bit of a reminder.

With commentary as entertaining as the actual movie, it was a very entertaining night. With tastefully inappropriate humor with a dark side of sexual fluidity, this original classic was one fans did not want to miss. Everyone yelled together, everyone sang together, and everyone laughed together. “All in all, it was a good time” concludes Costa.

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