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“”Nobody”” is running for mayor and the students of Keene State know nothing about it. Currently, there is an intriguing candidate in the running for mayor of Keene; a man named Rich Paul has decided to legally change his name to “Nobody” in order to receive votes from voters who oppose the other two candidates. The world around Keene can be both fascinating and comical if you take a chance to look at it.

The consensus among students seems to be that they are completely unaware of the local elections and the upcoming primary. Most of the students asked about the local election and candidates did not know anything about either. “I’m sorry, I don’t really know anything,” said first-year Monique Deschenes. Students said they felt guilty for being blind to their surroundings.

It is still possible to become cognizant of the candidates, particularly those running for mayor. While taking one of her first ventures downtown, first-year Hannah Landry was able to recognize the presence of support signs along the sidewalks and adorning yards. “I saw a sign on for a guy running on the road,” she said. “I don’t remember his name though.”

While it can be difficult to find time in the busy schedule of college students to do an internet search or open a newspaper and browse the news section, students like first-year Hannah Prinz say that being politically aware and active is important. “I like following the political campaign. I watch the debates and talk about it with friends. I plan to vote and am already registered,”Prinz said.

This year, the primary elections are on October 8, and there are three major candidates for mayor: George Hansel, Mitchell Greenwald and Nobody. On the way to Owl Stadium, crossing the street to get to Blake House or venturing down to The Works, one will see signs supporting local candidates.

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