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Leaves changing colors, sweatshirt weather coming in, the holiday season approaching; this may sound like just the start of fall to some, but to me, it’s the beginning of the best time of the year.

The first thing that makes fall stand out above the rest to me is the overall beauty of the season. In my opinion, fall has the best aesthetic of all the seasons. This is because of the mixture of colors in the environment around us. The combination of green, red, orange, yellow and other colors is truly something to behold.

Another reason I love fall is because of school starting again. Now, before you bring out your torches and pitchforks, let me explain. I like school starting again because it means I get to consistently see my friends every day as much as I want. These are some of the people in my life who mean the most and being able to see them means a lot.

Fall is also my favorite season because of football. Football is by far my favorite sport and, for the most part, the only one I really follow. A fall tradition that I’ve had with my father the past few years is going to a football game. This is always a great experience because these games just have a very special vibe. This vibe is just sitting in the stands with the nice fall breeze blowing into your face while sitting with a bunch of people bonding over one thing.

On the topic of weather, fall also marks the beginning of sweatshirt weather. You can say goodbye to swatting flies and the humidity and say hello to comfortable flannels, along with all those nice jackets you haven’t been able to wear. Fall weather is also perfect for playing casual sports with friends such as frisbee, soccer or the classic hacky sack.

You also cannot talk about fall without mentioning the holiday season. Ever since I was a kid, my three favorite months have been October, November and December. This is because of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know some people have lost interest in Halloween as they got older but I still think there is nothing better than watching some good old-fashioned horror movies during the weeks leading up to it.

Thanksgiving is also great because I get to see my family, watch some football and have pumpkin pie. I love those holidays but Christmas is by far my favorite. The actual holiday is not a part of fall, but the leadup is and, in my opinion, that is the best part. This is because the excitement builds up during the weeks leading up and then, once the actual day comes around, it ends up feeling a bit bittersweet.

I believe there is so much to like about fall and it is the perfect in-between season.

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