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How would you like to go to North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama or even Ireland? Well, if you participate in Alternative Break, you can!

Alternative Break is a program put on by Keene State where students have the opportunity to travel for a week or two somewhere in the country or internationally during school breaks to give back to the community in some way.

“Alternative Break gives me a community that is just as passionate about service work as I am, and it gives students the chance to be a part of something much larger than themselves,” said junior Isabelle Handy on what Alternative Break means to her.

“AB is a great way for me to do community service in different communities,” Said Matthew Griffin a sophomore participating in Alternative Break.

“I already participate in Habitat for Humanity here on campus and I have participated in several builds throughout the New England area. The ability to continue this work but in a new and completely different community is very interesting to me,” continued Griffin.

Alternative Break is not only a way to help out a community somewhere in the world, it  can also  help an individual grow as a person. “I am most excited to get away from my little bubble here at Keene and grow as a person throughout the trip,” stated Handy.

For some students, the Alternative Break trip can be a fun chance  to help out the community and travel at the same time. Griffin has not traveled far away from his home, so this will be the farthest trip he has ventured on. “I am personally most excited to travel and meet new people. I have not ventured far outside of my home state of Connecticut, and the AB trip I am going to take will be the furthest from home I have ever been,” Griffin stated. “It will give me a chance to not only experience new places but also to meet a new, diverse group of people.”

The Alternative Break program gives an opportunity for students who are passionate about community service to get out into the world and help the community.

Handy said that students should get involved. “Students should get involved to find a community, give back, and develop critical skills throughout their service trip,” Handy said.

Inspiration is important for students who are attending the yearly Alternative Break. Griffin’s inspiration came from his desire to travel and meet new people along the way. “What inspired me the most to attend an AB trip was the opportunity to travel and meet new people,” Griffin explained.

“In addition to this, there are many different trips that are happening this year to all different destinations, so I was able to find a community service project that would appeal best to me,” Griffin continued.

Some trips start as early as winter break and students going on those trips during that time will begin to have weekly meetings starting this week. Other Alternative Break trips happen over spring break or during the summer break as well.

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