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The Class of 2019 President Brie Robillard has been impeached. The issue is confidential at the moment.

After official violations were brought from members of student government, actions were taken at student assembly on April 9, 2019, in accordance with the Student Government By-Laws and Constitution. Briae Robillard was removed from the position of President. Briae Robillard fully cooperated with this process. Vice President Allie Tolles will now become Interim President for the rest of the semester.

Student Body President Sarah Dugas explained the process of impeaching a class president.

“If someone submits an official call for the impeachment of a Student Government member, then we hold an Assembly E-board meeting. At this meeting, we discuss the claims and accusations towards this member. Once discussed, we hold a vote. If the vote passes then an official letter is sent from the Speaker of Assembly to the accused, where they are asked to come to Assembly and are able to make a statement. From there, this person will be asked some questions and the members of Assembly will discuss it privately and vote whether the person has been found responsible or not. If voted yes by two-third majority, there will be another vote on whether this person should be impeached or be held to other sanctions, which is by a 50 percent +1 majority,” Dugas wrote.

Please contact Student Body President Sarah Dugas and/or Speaker of Assembly Davis Bernstein for any questions.

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