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The annual Keene State Calling held by the Student Activities Council (SAC) has returned, but its debut has students outraged. Keene State Calling is a week-long festival held by SAC leading up to the spring concert on Friday. This year it will be held April 29 to May 3. Activities vary from year to year, but students all over the Keene campus look forward to the spring concert. Rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie was announced as the concert performer for this year. Tickets were released around noon on Wednesday, March 27 and were sold out in two hours.

SAC Concert Coordinator Jenae Gramham said, “People were texting me and saying there was a glitch in the system, saying that multiple people were getting free tickets and only paying for one. The tickets sold out really quickly and I went back and talked to the people at the ticket company and they agreed that it was basically just a glitch in the system. Once that was fixed we refund the tickets that were free, so we opened those tickets up and the show sold out again.” Graham was shocked with how fast the tickets sold out. In the first two hours of the show’s release, 700 tickets were sold, and later that evening 85 tickets were open for purchase and sold out in six minutes.

Students are up in arms about the spring concert. Junior Jessica Shawles said, “They (SAC) spend too much money on the entire spring week for events that no one goes to. Students consistently only go to the spring concert and the spring carnival. SAC should be putting its resources fully towards the concert so all the students could go.”

KSC students are also asking why SAC chose to put the concert in the Mabel Brown Room in the Young Student Center rather than the much larger on-campus venue, the Spaulding Gym. “To put a concert in the gym cost a lot of money because you are building the actual stage from scratch. You need machines, you need laborers, it’s just a lot of extra costs that as an organization we can’t afford. I understand more people can go in the gym, but it cost more money,” Graham said.

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