Coraline Seksinsky

WKNH Music Director

I don’t know anything about UK producer No Home, other than that they are a producer from the UK and are black, and that they really like Kate Bush. This is about all I can gleam from the liner notes on the bandcamp page to their record. That is how I find my music, really, for these reviews most these days. I scroll the new and notables section until I find something I think I can write some words about: which then leads me to another thing I might know about No Home. Which is that I really like their sense of deconstruction. Their latest EP, hello, this is exploitation, is a three song EP of quick, pop lengthed, experimental tunes which have a tangential relationship to the pop music it is deconstructing. The first track is a thrusting delve through a madness of fuzzy siren sounds, propelled by a constant four-on-the-floor, knocking kick drum. It’s the kind of abrasive that gets infectious the more you listen to it. It calls you to rise to its challenge, but in like a really playful way. The second track is a sparse piece; primarily warbly guitars and warbly voice, the vocals on their song are mesmerizing and beautifully performed by the way. The third track is a swirling cloud of lovely sounds that is hard to describe. It is looping vocal chunks. Droning synths. Delayed kicks. It’s a lovely cloud go live in. To that end this is all I know about No Home. I study History here at Keene State. Being able to place context is essential for me in my work here. But, in the way that I find my music for these pieces, I am often commenting only on what I see in the record, which can be a jarring experience or a clarifying one. Because all I know is that this is a good piece of work that has something to show you if you want it. Their approach to pop music and deconstructing leaves so much more for me to understand. You can place the context for yourself later.   

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