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Pitchers and catchers are two of the most important positions on the baseball diamond, and oftentimes they are the closest.

The pitcher is in charge of delivering the ball for the hitter to hit, or try to strike him out. The catcher is the player who catches the ball and usually calls the pitches that the pitcher will throw.

Pitchers and catchers oftentimes have a closer bond than other players.

Senior pitcher Connor Johnson (CJ) said, “To be an effective pitcher-catcher combo, you have [to be close.]” The pitcher and the catcher are often roomed together in dorms to create a bond between the two, according to Johnson.

Johnson and Junior catcher Ryan Linehan have become close friends since Linehan transferred from The University of Southern Maine last year.

“I’ve been here for two semesters, and CJ is one of my best friends here”, said Linehan. The bond between a pitcher and catcher is important on the field as well as off of it.

“I know when a guy takes the mound, no matter who it is, what they’re gonna give me”, Linehan said.

The pitcher and the catcher are constantly communicating with each other throughout the game, whether that be calling pitches, or communicating shifts in the infield.

A shift is when the infield and or the outfield change positions on the field to help with which way a hitter usually hits the ball.

Because the catcher sits behind home plate, he is the only position on the field that is able to see the entire field at once.

The coaching also plays a part in the pitcher-catcher bond. The coach chooses which pitcher goes in during the game and who starts. The coach also chooses which catcher will start the game and when to switch them up.

Coach Ken Howe said, “Right now, Ryan Linehan has caught every inning of every game we’ve played so far, and the last thing I want is for him to get beat up”. The position of catcher is one that is usually taxing on player’s knees, as the catcher is constantly in the squatting position.

After returning from their Florida trip, the baseball team is currently 4-7. The team traveled to Clark University on Wednesday, a game in which they won 9-7.

“I think it went better than people might think when they see the record coming out of Florida,” said Johnson.

The team played better than their record indicates, Johnson said, “People who weren’t there didn’t see that we played well for eight innings and in one inning just gave the game away.”

While they did not leave Florida with a record above .500 (which is having the same amount of wins and losses), Howe said, “Our record doesn’t really indicate where I feel we are right now.” The baseball team will travel to play Plymouth State (game rescheduled to Pappas field at Franklin Pierce University).

The game will take place on Tuesday March 26 at 3:30 p.m., Plymouth State is currently 5-4. 

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