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Just recently, another rapper has turned themselves into the authorities so that way they can possibly restore their name. Rapper/Musician YBN Almighty Jay has been stirring up some drama in the hip-hop community because of his issues with SoundCloud rapper Skinnyfromthe9. This rivalry has led him to turn himself into the authorities on Feb. 26 because of claims that he allegedly stole Skinnyfromthe9’s chain on Feb. 18. Security footage from TMZ shows YBN Almighty Jay and Skinny standing next to one of Skinny’s cars looking out. Two subjects run up to the two rappers, and there is a struggle. Finally, Jay breaks out from them and begins to run away. The others followed, and then shortly after, a car was seen leaving the premises.

After this occurred and the word got out, Jay was receiving criticism from the public over social media. He was also being investigated for stealing roughly $80,000 worth of Skinny’s cash, chain, and Rolex combined. A day later, on Feb. 19, Skinny posted a video on his Instagram captioned “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.” The grainy video itself shows him and someone who seems to be Jay standing next to his car. Before Skinny says he’s “ready,” he says “It ain’t a movie!” and then the cameraman asks again whether or not he’s ready. Once given their cue, the men run up and struggle Around Skinny and “Jay.” During the struggling you can hear someone shout, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, they’re f****** robbing skinny and Almighty.” Shortly after, you hear Skinny say, “[Hey,] we gotta redo this cuz,” followed by laughter. It seems that Skinny, with this video, was trying to insinuate that this whole debacle was a social media publicity stunt. Skinny also chose to disable the comments on this post.

Prior to the alleged issue taking place, Skinny told TMZ that he, “invited YBN Almighty Jay to stay at his home a few days before the incident, while the two worked on music together.” As of this month, Jay isn’t the only other rapper that Skinny has been in a rivalry with: Miami rapper Zoey Dollaz is the other.

The alleged issue cannot be solely an Instagram publicity stunt because the chain, Rolex, and cash were never returned to Skinny. Before turning himself into the police, Jay told TMZ that it was him in the security footage, but he was also explained how Skinny was lying and repeating himself, saying, “I didn’t do s**t!” TMZ mentioned that “Law enforcement sources tell us Almighty Jay will be booked for grand theft. Probably a good thing he brought his lawyer with him.”

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