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Sophomore and Center for the Men’s Basketball team James Anozie is the person to look out for in the next couple years.

Since his first year, he’s been running the court with awards he received such as being named All-LEC Second team, All-LEC Rookie team and being named Rookie of the week five times. According to, Anozie averaged 12.6 points, and had a career high while playing in a semi-final game against UMASS Boston of 22 points that same year.

But now, he has a new career high of 23 points while playing against Castleton University.

Anozie started playing basketball when he was in kindergarten. He saw that he was tall, and decided to give it a shot.

The Anzoie family has been there for him since he started playing. Even when they can’t make it to the games here at Keene, they stream them online. James Anozie looks up to his dad, and his dad always pushes Anozie to do better.

Anozie knew a player on the team from high school, Kyle Santoro, who was already going to Keene. On top of this Anozie, decided to come to Keene State because of the atmosphere Keene. “The chemistry here between the team and everyone had made me have a warm welcoming,” Anozie said.

He has no personal goals, but just wants to help the team win games. Anozie has been putting in some extra time in the gym when he can, and its helped him with his free throws from last year. Anozie does want to host the NCAA tournament here at home.

Head coach Ryan Cain said, “He’s probably the most physical player in the conference and maybe the most physical player in New England, very difficult to guard one-on-one because of his size.”

Although Anozie is of larger stature, it doesn’t stop him from going up and down the court. “He has a nice combination of size with skill and pretty quick, despite being as big as he is,” said Cain.

On game day, Anozie visualizes plays he’s going to do, such as how he’s going to guard somebody or how he’ll shoot.

Anozie brings a lot of laughter to the team and is very well liked, even off the court. “I think his biggest strength is off the court, he has such a great connection with people on campus, he’s very liked on our team, great student and great person,” said Cain.

Anzoie loves the rush he gets when the crowd gets hyped up during the game and, of course, winning.

Cain sees some high potential for Anozie future in the basketball program. Cain said Anozie can be one of their leading scorers. “If he works at it, he can be one of the better players in the conference, he’s already in the top ten group based on the awards he’s received last year as a freshman,” said Cain.

Although Anzoie recently got a new career high, he believes he’ll be breaking that personal best soon.

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