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Singer, songwriter and actress Ariana Grande just released her newest album, “Thank you, Next” on Feb. 9. The single that shares same name as the album was released earlier on Nov. 3, 2018, only to be followed up by the music video airing Nov. 30. The song that included four of Grande’s past boyfriends was presented in a video that included some of the most popular movies of the 2000s. The album blew up social media; everyone had something to say about the “new” Grande and her newly released music.

Zach Robinson, a senior studying elementary education and dance education, said Grande has shown much growth towards becoming a mature adult. Robinson said, “Many of her actions in the early years of her career were childish and not smart in the public eye, but now she seems to have a good grip on reality and how she could be perceived.”

Adriana Daniel, a sophomore studying news media and history, said she started listening to the new album right when it was released. Daniel said that even though most of the songs on the new album weren’t her cup of tea, she still enjoys other songs by Grande like “Dangerous Woman” and “My Favorite Part” with Mac Miller.

Even though “NASA,” “Bad Idea” and “Bloodline” were Robinson’s favorite on the album, he was still mesmerized by the “7 Rings” music video. “I thought ‘7 Rings’ was so much fun. It was so bougie (Bourgeoisie) and fabulous. The outfits and cinematography were wonderful.” Daniels also agrees that Grande might just have a way to fascinate people with her music video skills. “The ‘Thank You, Next’ music video was actually amazing… that was good but the music wasn’t,” Daniels said.

Sophomore Matt Allen, who is studying communications, agrees with Daniel’s thoughts on the music video, and said, “It was cool how there were a lot of different scenes from other movies in the video. .But the other two (“7 Rings” and “Break Up With Your Girlfriend I’m Bored” videos) I really didn’t care for too much… It wasn’t really my sort of thing, and they were not as catchy to me.”

Even if Ariana Grande’s new album isn’t something that you have on repeat, you’ve probably heard it. Grande said in “Thank You, Next,” “God forbid something happens, [at] least this song is a smash.” The world seems to agree.

According to musicbusinessworldwide.com, “Grande’s track ‘7 Rings’ officially accrued 14,966,544 global plays on Spotify on day one.” In an article posted by Billboard, they write that not only has she held the top three spots on Billboard hot 100 songs but, “Ariana Grande rewrites the record for the most simultaneous top 40 Billboard Hot 100 hits by a female artist, charting 11 songs in the region on the survey dated Feb. 23.” These 11 songs were all from the “Thank you, Next” album.

Allen thinks Grande’s music has been improving. Allen said, “It’s cool to see her keep making better and better music with each album.” Robinson said Grande might want some time off, “She just released two albums within six months, so I’m sure she needs time to recharge.” But we will see. What does Ariana have planned for us? All we have to say is “Thank you, Next.”

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