Kiana Wright / Opinions Editor

Kiana Wright

Opinions Editor

Keene State students had the chance to rock out and speak out Friday during Rock in the NOC thanks to WKNH. At 7 p.m. students rolled into the Night Owl Cafe to jam out to two bands: Plains and The Water Cycle. The audience head banged to the rhythm and jumped up and down while the bands performed alternative rock originals. Having an event event like this give students a exciting live performance on campus where they can feel safe and welcomed, WKNH event coordinator and radio host Matt Perkins explained.

“I’ve noticed that there is a pretty good sized music community that people like to go see music and having something that people can go see safely in a comfortable place that’s right on campus…it’s a good spot.”

The live bands are not the only thing that makes this event special. After the bands finished their sets anyone and everyone in the audience was welcomed to go on stage and perform whatever they felt comfortable doing. Public Relations director of WKNH Emma Connelly said that the entire environment of it all makes that night so remarkable. “Everybody rocks out at the beginning and then the open mic happens and that’s when it becomes pretty intimate, and people can express themselves… It’s a really nice environment where people just come out and they support each other, just have fun and enjoy music.”

Perkins said, “We’ve had different musical group that are on campus, different solo musicians, I’ve personally done a couple of the open mics we had, we’ve had bands form on that stage, we’ve had stand up comedians, we haven’t had poetry yet, but it would be awesome if we did, but it’s open to anybody.”

WKNH was super excited to host the event again for the third time since they started last semester. Students showed the same kind of reactions; no matter if it was their first or third time going.

Senior Collin Coviello who is studying biology said he goes to all of the Rock in the NOC and really enjoyed the event as a whole. “They have like just people from Keene, bands from out of town to jam, spread ideas, make music and like tell jokes and what not. I don’t know what to expect because they’re always different; that’s my other favorite part.”

Adam Messina, a first year studying food and beverage entrepreneurship, said he will definitely be coming back to the next one because the music’s great and he really likes the environment. “This is my first time actually – the band that just played was pretty awesome. Got me moving. Felt the need to dance.”

Starting just last semester WKNH hopes to continue to host this event once every month in the Noc. They encourage all students to take this opportunity to join them and the bands in relaxing and then speaking and or listening during the open mic session afterwards.

Perkins said, “People who come really enjoy it. It’s always a fun time, super welcoming, and people just usually want to come again.”

For more information about WKNH or the Rock in the NOC see their Instagram @wknh91.3, their website at or visit their office on the third floor of the student center!

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