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First-year student Samuel LaChance is recovering from a fiery car wreck that he survived on Route 101 a couple of weeks ago. On Jan. 22, LaChance was driving west down Route 101 in Dublin to begin his second semester at KSC as a graphic design student, when he crossed the center line and collided with a tractor trailer truck. The impact of the crash ruptured the fuel tank of the tractor trailer, sparking a large fire. LaChance was saved from the fiery wreck by eyewitnesses and other drivers at the scene of the crash.

Video footage of the collision has been shared by several major media outlets.

“Sam drifted into the other lane and hit a tractor trailer head-on,” Daniel LaChance, Sam’s father said. “We’re in recovery right now, so I can’t ask for anything better.”  Daniel LaChance said. “My son is alive and he’s doing well.”

LaChance, who is now in physical therapy, is reportedly recovering astonishingly well from the crash, his father says. According to the Sentinel, despite suffering from burns in multiple locations, including his hands and face, and a wounded windpipe, LaChance was relatively unscathed. He will possibly need to have a skin graft on his hand, but his face won’t scar. Despite having a wounded trachea, LaChance has already been taken off of the ventilator and has even been able to stand on his own despite still having a broken bone in his left foot. There are still uncertainties surrounding the recovery, such as if LaChance’s eyesight has been damaged and how long exactly it will take for him to make a full recovery, but doctors and LaChance’s family are relieved at how far he has already come. Doctors were particularly impressed that LaChance was aware of what year it is and the name of his girlfriend, despite the fact that he may or may not remember the crash.

President Treadwell expressed her support for LaChance and her wishes for his speedy recovery. “I still remember meeting him and his parents when they came for admitted students day. He was one of the students I had the privilege for him to come aside and shake my hand, and he was so excited that he was coming here.”

Daniel LaChance talked about his son, his interests, and his experiences at Keene State College. He said that LaChance is an avid bowler, who grew up in Manchester. His son works for Hannaford, is an honors student, and enjoys playing video games with his friends, spending time with his family, and drawing. “He’s a very articulate young man for an 18 year old… He’s a genuinely nice kid, very polite, pleasant, he’s a great kid… I’m not saying that because he’s my son, I’m saying that because he’s a great kid.” Daniel LaChance said..

Daniel LaChance said that he is grateful for the good samaritans who helped Samuel out at the scene of the crash. Daniel LaChance said that he feels the outcome would have been “very different” if these strangers did not help his son.

Representatives from the student government for the Class of 2022 did not respond to request for interview.

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