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Keene State softball wants Keene youth to keep playing the beautiful game by offering three softball clinics on consecutive sundays during the month of February. These clinics are all taught by Head Coach Carrah Fisk, Assistant Coach Britney Hinkley, and the Keene State softball players.

Coach Fisk also offers a Keene Babe Ruth Softball clinic specifically for the Keene community.

“We want the young players in our area to receive quality instruction from their coaches, especially if they cannot take advantage of the clinics we offer on campus or the softball camp I run in the summer, so that they fall in love with the game” said Fisk.

These Keene State clinics are also available to potential Keene State players that want to see how they would fit in on this team.

Senior and first baseman Courtney Votto says that it “brings the community together.”

“We are here for them not for ourselves. We want to be able to keep the passion in these younger girls because so many girls stop playing sports at a certain age and we just want to keep that going for them” said Votto.

After attending the second clinic Votto said they “Have all been going really well.”

Upperclassman have divided up the stations. Pitchers and catchers practice in one place, and the rest work on hitting, so it’s been one big group effort from the whole team to make sure we help everyone” said Votto.

Sophomore and Outfielder Cassie Woods will start her second season this year and has been involved in these clinics before.

“I like that we do these clinics because we get to meet some of the girls that may be coming to Keene State next season so to see their skill level and how they play is really cool for us” said Woods.

The clinics run for three hours from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and go over everything like fielding, pop-ups, and rounders.

“We do all the skill stuff and then at the end we play one big scrimmage game with everyone which is really fun” said Woods.

Softball practice has started for the season with their first game coming up in three weeks.

“Consistent hitting is one thing the team really needs to improve on, we have a lot of great players so if we can just keep up the good work throughout the game we will go far this season’ said Votto.

Keene State softball will be playing their first game at Olivet College in Florida on Sunday, March 10.

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