“Working at Keene State is nothing like being a student here. I get to see the sausage getting made and see how everything worked and be a person who’s making those things work now. I also have a major interest in making things happen for students to pay forward what was done for me.

I really didn’t come to a decision to work at Keene State. I got laid off twice in 2012 and I had been freelancing for Marketing and Communications at Keene State and they just happened to be opening up a position doing exactly what I was doing as a freelancer.

The transition going from student to staff was actually really easy. I had two years of being an adult to make me wish I could be back in college. Working at Keene State was a happy medium between the two.

Truthfully, I stick around for the students. If it wasn’t for the interactions I get to have with students, I would probably not have stayed. Seeing students who are excited and looking forward to their lives reminds me that I should be living the same way. I get up every morning looking forward to the work I get to do with students.

I don’t find it strange to be working alongside people I used to look up to. What I do find strange is seeing them as more human and prone to human emotions than when I was a student. Students usually don’t get to see when their professors are having bad days but co-workers definitely do. It’s reassuring to know that even people who seem perfectly buttoned up get as crazy as I do sometimes.”

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