Season Three

Students intern for a third season with Inside Owl Athletics

Angelique Inchierca / Senior Staff

Selena Legacy

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Inside Owl Athletics is Keene State College’s newly founded broadcast. This broadcast is a news show that highlights main athletic events happening each week at KSC.

Assistant Athletic Director and Executive Producer of the Show Abe Osheyack shares that he works closely with Journalism Professors and Associate Producers of the show Chad Nye and Mark Timney.

Osheyack said “[As of now,] six interns host, produce, design and interview to make it the best content for the athletic department.”

These interns mostly include students in the journalism majors, film majors or even minors in graphic design.

“Students will stretch their wings and use their talents,” Osheyack said.

Inside Owl Athletics has come a long way with only being in its third semester.

According to Osheyack, although this is a stressful job, the ones in the internship stay calm when overwhelmed.

“Students aren’t always really open and forthcoming when they are overwhelmed,” Osheyack said, “This group is one of the hardest working groups  I’ve ever been around. A lot of fun.”

“From where they started to where they all are now, they all improved by leaps and bounds,” Osheyack said.

Osheyack said he was extremely pleased with the content they have produced.

Branching out into more of a human-interest role is something Osheyack is really proud of doing and wishes to continue covering human-interest pieces.

But there hasn’t been smooth sailing through the semesters at Inside Owl Athletics.

On a Friday of Oct. 2017, “When in the middle of our editing, the entire campus lost power. A squirrel had bitten through transistor, so I drove Justin Mahan to local cable access channel because they have the same software. But they didn’t have the right version. Then I drove him to Dr. Timney’s house,” Osheyack said.

This made the show drop four hours later than expected.

Even with this mishap, Osheyack was still proud of the student’s work and ability to work under pressure.

KSC Alumni Justin Mahan was an anchor producer for Inside Owl Athletics until he graduated in the spring of 2018.

Mahan spent a lot of nights in the Media Arts Center (MAC).

“There were a couple nights I would almost spend the night in the MAC. It was a lot, we had to be proud of what we did… It was because of those sleepless nights that myself and everybody put in the work and just went with it,” Mahan said.

Mahan wants to become a sports play-by-play announcer.

“I am now working at Keene’s men’s club hockey team as a PA announcer,” Mahan said.

Mahan’s biggest take away from the internship was to take risks.

“I was an outsider. There was only a small handful of us interested in sports and journalism,” Mahan said.

Peter Dubois is a current intern who works as a host and feature reporter.

“I really, really enjoy it.” Dubois said, “I think the experience I’ve gained has really given me a big push to find a job.”

After he graduates, Dubois said he would like to stay in the journalism field.

“I want to be in the journalism field doing television broadcast…now that I’ve done Inside Owl Athletics the sports realm has been opened up for me because it’s something I wouldn’t really have been doing before this internship. I felt as though I didn’t have the right information to be a sports reporter. I didn’t have the knowledge behind sports, but now that I’ve started doing this and putting out professional work it’s been a really good experience for me,” Dubois said.

Dubois wants to finish out his senior year being part of Inside Owl Athletics.

Dubois also thinks Inside Owl Athletics needs more advertisement and promotion about what it is.

Inside Owl Athletics is still in its experimental phase. New things are being added each semester to perfect the show.

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