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It’s something you hear about and have been looking forward to since the day you got to Keene State: The Pub Crawl. It’s a chance to be with all your friends, and hop from bar to bar the whole day. But nobody ever warns you about the consequences: How you’re going to feel the day after. Let me tell you, it’s like being hit by a truck.

Don’t get me wrong, the Pub Crawl is an experience you’ll look back on for the rest of your life. You’re with all your friends not worrying about an exam coming up, or homework, work and anything else that’s a bump in the road.

It’s all fun and games until you wake up. The sun and any noise makes you regret everything you consumed. This year, my class, class of 2019, was fortunate to not have school the next day (due to the holiday.) It hasn’t always been like that. I remember my sophomore year, half of my class wasn’t there because they were all trying to recover from the Pub Crawl. Although you know you have homework, you still sit in bed all day and check if your friends are still alive. You wake up and look at your messages, “Are you alive?”, “You good?”, and my favorite one, “What happened?”

I don’t know how the bars do this every year, every semester. I wonder how much money in repairs they’ve gone through since starting this tradition. Let’s be real, the bathroom might be the worst thing to clean after. I can only imagine the smell. During the Pub Crawl when you’re hoping bar to bar, the bathroom becomes your best friend. How can it not?

The real question is, who invented Senior Pub Crawl? Did somebody just sit down and think ‘Yeah, the whole senior class with all the bars to themselves for a whole day is a good idea!’ Because it’s not. If you ask a senior if they remember anything from that day, the answer is probably no. Because I don’t.

You have to give props where it’s needed — to the seniors that still go back out after the day is done. It starts at 12 in the afternoon and doesn’t end until seven at night. I was on yellow team, so my last bar was Cobblestone. I remember some of my team wanted to stay after the Crawl ended, but in order for us to stay, we had to go home and change out of our Pub Crawl shirts, which was pretty annoying to me.

Speaking of annoying, as much as it’s fun being in the bar, let’s talk about actually getting to the bars. The walking part is annoying when you have to go from Thirsty Owl all the way to Scores. But it doesn’t stop there — you have wait in line and get your ID checked. You would think signing up would mean you’re 21. I understand the people that might try to sneak their way in, but the bouncer who knows who you are shouldn’t be bending an ID like they haven’t seen an ID before. I waited outside of Cobblestone in the freezing cold to get in for so long, which was not fun. The scary part is looking at your bank account the next day. You need moral support for that one.

Many people can relate to this one: You can’t hold anything down in your system the day after. You’re just staring at the toilet or your trash can for hours. It seems like you’re never going to recover from being hungover. Some might say it’s their worst one. But, class of 2019, guess what; it’s not over yet. We have one more to do, and let’s get ready to make more memories that will last a lifetime. The Pub crawl is the worst and best thing to ever happen to us.

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