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Dance is one of the few things that brings people together all around the world. It creates a sense of unity and togetherness. The Dance Team at Keene State College is an example of that unity, bonding and friendship.

KSC’s nationally ranked and completely student run dance team is made up of 20 members this year, including a four member E-board consisting of captains, a secretary and a manager. Junior Ariel Luria joined her first year at KSC, and is one of this year’s captains. According to Luria, some of the duties of being a captain include creating choreography, helping make music mixes and working with the other E-board members to make financial decisions.

“It’s definitely a lot of work, and very intense, but we all do our part,” Luria said.

While the team competes every year at Universal Dance Association (UDA) Nationals when they are able to, according to Luria, the group also does a number of performances on campus; at basketball games, soccer games and even Relay For Life. “Basically anything we can be a part of and dance at, we do,” Luria said.

Last year the KSC Dance Team placed eighth at the UDA National competition, and has had several successful seasons in the past couple years. With that, the team has built a reputation.

Junior Mya Tschopp said the college’s dance team was the reason she decided to attend. “I originally came to Keene because I wanted to be on the dance team. I knew it was competitive, which was what I was looking for,” Tschopp said.

Although she is not currently on the team, Tschopp said she has gone to a few practices and intends on joining the team again next year.

The group’s passion for dance runs deep within each member, according to sophomore Marisa Crovo. Crovo, who is going into her second year on the dance team, expressed her love of dance and her reason for joining the group. “Dance has always been a passion that I really loved. When I came to Keene, I didn’t want to stop dancing just yet,” Crovo said.

While each member shares the same passion for dance, the members also share a close bond and friendship with one another. “I think the bonding that we all have is my favorite thing. We all do team bonding like, we’ll go to some of the girl’s houses, we watch movies, and we also do activities around school. It’s really fun,” Crovo said.

First year Nicole Bergeron joined the team this past spring, and expressed the closeness she feels with the other team members. “I’m so grateful that these girls welcomed me with such open arms, there’s nothing like being able to dance with a group of your best friends every day,” Bergeron said.

According to Luria, the Dance Team puts a lot of hard work into perfecting each of their performances, and they appreciate when their work gets recognition. “Please come out, support us. Even though we are a smaller sports club, dance brings a lot to different events. People really look forward to seeing us,” Luria said.

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