Compiled by Angelique Inchierca

“I used to play Clarinet. [I am] self-taught.”
Ashley Cox

“I was taught in classes. [I play the] Baritone Saxophone.”
Liam Mullen








“I used to play the tenner saxophone back in middle school. I wasn’t self-taught, I was taught by the teacher there. It was really a lot of fun.”
Jeremy Murdock

“I used to play the clarinet when I was in fourth grade, now I play a little bit of piano. [I am] self-taught”
Julia Hawkins








“I used to play the trumpet when I was in elementary school. I took band lessons at school.”
Khourey Derderian

“I play the Flute and the piccolo and piano. [I was taught] professionally.”
Meghan Brown

“I sing and I do guitar. [I am] self-taught.”
Cassidy Dewitt

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