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IT’S FITZMAGIC! Yeah, I’ve been saying that a little too much since Sunday. While we are on that topic, Ryan Fitzpatrick whatever you did to in the postseason please share that secret with me. Fitzpatrick last year for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had 7 TDs on 3 INT. But Week 1 of 2018? Fitz’s stat sheet already is holding up 4 TD and NO INTERCEPTIONS. What an incredibly massive start and improvement and Ryan Fitzpatrick is only owned in about 30.1% of fantasy leagues. I don’t think I made myself clear, PICK UP FITZPATRICK.

Anyways, I digress on that hype train, but a new one is now coming so brace. ALVIN KAMARA. I have never been more happy to trade half my team for a player, let’s hope that happiness stays. Kamara was on my team of the week from last week and he showed up. Kamara only rushed for 29 yards on 8 attempt, still bringing in 2 TDs, but on top of that 112 yards on 9 receptions with a touchdown. Alvin Kamara did a hat trick in football, say what you want that is incredible.

But enough about the what has happened in football I am sure we have all heard the stats and seen the crazy plays and high scoring games. Now to the real work. How are fantasy teams looking this week. Let’s start with the ‘must adds’ of the week. As previously stated QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is a great pickup for those who need a QB for the week that will pull in solid numbers. Another QB free agent to look for is Patrick Mahomes from Kansas City. Mahomes threw 256 with 4 TDs along with 5 rushes for a total of 21 yards. This was Mahomes’ first game as an official starting QB for the Chiefs and the Chargers defense is no joke, but this Boy Wonder brushed the challenge off with ease.

On the other side of the league if your team is in need of a cleanup look to the wide receivers. The top available WR is DeSean Jackson. Jackson had 146 yards on only 5 receptions for 2 TDs. On the other side of the league are WRs Amari Cooper and Jordy Nelson. Although not having spectacular starts to the season, the Raiders duo is bound to adjust and begin bringing in consistent double digit numbers. You can also look to free agent running backs such as: Chris Thompson, Redskins; Isaiah Crowell, Jets; Austin Ekeler, Chargers. The final must add player of the week is Jared Cook, the tight end for the Raiders. Cook had nine catches to add up to 180 yards in the outing to the Rams and was the favorite target of Derek Carr. Look for repeat numbers this week against the Broncos.

So, is it time for a Team of the Week? Last week there were some shake ups and surprises with the players that shined brightly, and those that should have shined dimmed a bit. Well given last weeks numbers and this weeks matchups the start to week 2 Team of the Week is the quarterback, Drew Brees from the Saints. Brees is playing the Browns defense, which actually looked pretty good against the Steelers and has rookie Denzel Ward who made Big Ben look like a rookie. Then again, Brees just went for 439 yards against a more formidable team, so expect good numbers from the veteran QB. Let’s move to the running backs. Alvin Kamara gains another Team of the Week spot, especially if Brees airs the ball out like last week again. The other RB of the week is looking like Melvin Gordon from the Chargers. Gordon plays a weak and poorly lead Buffalo defense and is looking to improve from the 64 yards rushing and 102 yards receiving. Look for big performances from receivers, Tyreek Hill, Michael Thomas, and Keenan Allen. Good luck in week 2 of fantasy all of you would-be analysts!

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