The Keene State College women’s lacrosse team hit a streak of success, winning five straight Little East Conference (LEC) games, bringing their overall record to 6-6. 

Pulled from The Equinox Archives

Pulled from The Equinox Archives

The women’s lacrosse team faced some early season issues with multiple losses. 

However, the team has seemed to establish their momentum and team chemistry, helping them climb back up in wins. 

Junior and midfielder Emily Parker, a member of the women’s lacrosse team, said it felt nice to win five games in a row, as well as finally reach the chemistry necessary to get there. 

Parker added that a lot of work goes into winning each game, so having the end result that the entire team wanted was rewarding. 

“Winning the early games makes it easier for the team to make it to the playoff games. Performing at our highest level each game helps us work on our skills and situations,” Parker said. 

Winning games is something every team wants. Winning improves a team’s overall record and makes the journey to the championship that much better. 

Pulled from The Equinox Archives

Pulled from The Equinox Archives

Finding team chemistry  and being able to communicate effectively is a huge component that leads teams to a longer, more successful season, Parker said. 

Sophomore and midfielder Teresa Masci said winning five consecutive games was both a confidence booster and extremely rewarding. 

Masci added that winning LEC conference games is rewarding in mentality and team standings, taking a little bit of pressure off as the end of the season approaches. 

“The team works hard, and we all want to win when we step onto the field. Being able to have the winning mentality register throughout the whole team is essential to winning,” Masci said. 

Fall and spring sports tend to move by quickly, so getting every win possible is very important for a team if they want to continue, Masci said. 

“It’s all about the work you put in during practice and games,” Masci said. 

Winning early games is essential to meeting a team’s end of the season goals. 

“If the team doesn’t work together, if the team doesn’t have a matched attitude, then we begin to make mistakes and falter,” Masci said. 

Masci added that it is a lot of work, but an athlete has to be able to balance everything and perform well as an athlete.

 “Our most important job is to focus on our academics and play hard when we step on to the field. Winning doesn’t come every game, but if you workw for it, it can,” Masci said.   

No other KSC women’s lacrosse players responded for comment.

With only four regular season games left for the women’s lacrosse team, winning these games and adding to their streak will only help them go further. 

Winning these regular season games and LEC tournament games will ensure a better seed spot for the KSC women’s lacrosse team. 

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