Spring fever is here and hopefully the warm weather will come along with it as Keene State College athletes are now full swing into their seasons.  

Senior and softball player Brittany DaMota says her team, herself included, can physically perform better during games or practices when it is warmer outside.

Photo illustration by Kiana Wright

Photo illustration by Kiana Wright

“The warmer weather causes your muscles to feel loose and less tight, preventing injuries and allowing you as a player to move around and perform more freely. The ball also tends to come off the bat much harder and farther in the warm weather, as well as making hitting a lot better, too,” DaMota said. 

With the weather constantly changing this spring season, KSC’s softball team has had to put in double time. DaMota said the weather has affected their season “drastically” and their team has played “only four doubleheaders” since spring training. DaMota continued, “This causes our games to all be pushed back, cramming them during the last few weeks. Sometimes four days of doubleheaders a week because of the weather.”

Senior and softball player Shae Crosby said a few of their games have been cancelled or rescheduled recently due to weather. “For a game to be canceled, it has to be raining hard. We can play when it drizzles, but we recently had a game canceled the other day because there was snow on the ground,” Crosby said.

Crosby said playing when it is hot out is what the team prefers because it allows them to play at their best. 

“When it’s cold, our muscles get tighter and it’s harder to throw and run. Also, you have less control over where your throws are actually going to go,” Crosby said. 

DaMota said she agreed with Crosby and added, “It is more comfortable and enjoyable to play in warmer weather.”

KSC’s softball team is not the only team that wants to play in warmer weather. Senior and lacrosse player Greg Shawinsky said it is cold for a majority of the lacrosse season but once it finally does warm up, “people get excited, more positive and motivated.” He added, “It’s a lot more fun practicing when it’s warm out. It gets people going.”

The lacrosse team members make the best of the worst when it comes to their practicing conditions. 

Shawinsky said, “If it’s really cold, we get really into it and more competitive, which is the best case scenario.” 

As for games, Shawinsky said he would much rather it be hot outside. “I definitely prefer it to be hot when playing our games because as a sports team that is as  good as we are, [we are] surprisingly crazy disorganized and we have no sideline jackets.” 

Shawinsky said standing on the sidelines during a game can be “unmotivating” when it is really cold out.  

The amount of time on the field each player gets can also contribute to each of their body temperatures or performances in a game. 

“If you are starter and playing from the beginning, you’re running and staying warm,” Shawinksy said. 

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