Life is full of beautiful colors, and you can thank spring for that. Without April’s showers, life would be like a black and white movie. Flowers are just a tiny but wonderful part of the transition from winter to spring. 

Joey Sullivan / Equinox Staff

Joey Sullivan / Equinox Staff

Moving on from winter makes spring seem like a warm hug, which makes you start to think in a more positive light. The temperature isn’t too cool and it’s not melting your makeup off yet either. Walking out onto your front porch to see blossomed trees swaying in the pleasant wind that doesn’t burn your face or give you frostbite like it did in the previous months is definitely a plus. It’s nice to be able to take a run, hike, car ride or walk without being scared of slipping on black ice. And waking up to the birds chirping outside your window when the sun just starts to come up is the only alarm clock you need. In winter, I wake up later because the sun is still down, and when I do get up, I feel like I have four hours to do something before it is dark out again. Spring stretches those days out and there is so much more to do than watch TV. I mean, what else can you do when you are snowed in five feet?

The days in spring seem so much longer, with so many more activities to do. Outdoor sports are starting to play again. You can go watch baseball, lacrosse, softball, volleyball games, tennis matches and track and field meets. Even if you are not into sports, spring draws people outside. The weather is perfect. Why don’t we eat outside? Maybe go garden outside? How about have a cookout? The younger children are already outside making a mess. 

During winter, everything outside is “dead” or hibernating, but spring is when you start to see those little green stems pop up. The trees begin to become full again, which makes the air smell so much more fresh. The air itself is so much better because there is more moisture, which means no more bloody noses. Finally once the snow melts you’re like, “Oh my god there is grass in New Hampshire!” So, finally you can roll down those steep hills, set up a picnic and stay up late outside by the fire. Also, the community becomes more diverse. The little bunnies, squirrels, birds, butterflies and bees all start running around. College students are more excited for the nicer weather and snow-cleared backyards for other reasons as well. The outdoors is so much more inviting in the spring, to say the least, because we all know when summer comes, we aren’t going outside unless getting a sunburn is on the day’s schedule.

Some fruits are coming into season as well to make your day a little bit sweeter and give you that extra energy you need. Speaking of energy, the sun might be a little shy in April, but shortly after, the sun is here to stay, so soak up that vitamin D before the summer comes, when the sun might be a little too much at times.

We all know Easter is important both spiritually and festively. Spring is home to Easter, which brings people together to celebrate religiously while eating those creme-filled Cadbury Eggs. Also, April Fools, which fell on Easter this year, is always a fun way to start off a season—as long as the joke is not too harsh.

Spring overall is such a peaceful season; everything is just right. We need the transition from winter into summer, and it is a good thing we have it. If all the seasons were made into pictures, spring would be the most vibrant and revitalizing. 

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