Due to unexpected snow and rain, there have been multiple game cancellations and schedule changes in order to accommodate the weather forecast. At least three softball games have been postponed within the past week, as well as four baseball games, a women’s lacrosse game and a men’s lacrosse game.

Laura Romaniello / Art Director

Laura Romaniello / Art Director

With snowfall and strong wind conditions outside, the bottom half of the spring athletics seasons is suffering. End-of-the-season cancellations can pose multiple problems, such as fewer regular season games, which can make a difference when Little East Conference (LEC) Championship rankings are announced. With so many postponed games, Keene State College spring teams have also begun to have more down time between games, which makes the transition into the final games harder. There are at least six games that have been postponed until late April, which can be difficult for seniors and other students going into finals week. But each KSC team is still working hard, with the baseball record being 12-10, the softball record being 6-14, the women’s lacrosse record being 7-6 and the men’s lacrosse being 6-4.  

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