Now that spring is here and the snow is slowly melting away, if not already gone, avid skiers are beginning to make fewer and fewer trips up the mountain. 

This winter season in New England was definitely the time to hit the slopes and try out skiing. 

Brandon Moulton / Equinox staff

Brandon Moulton / Equinox staff

With heavy snowfall and inches upon inches of fresh powder, this year was a winter wonderland. 

If you tried skiing for the first time this year, kudos to you. Congrats on taking the leap up the mountain, or should I say down? 

Having the courage to learn how to ski and push down potential fears is, at times, difficult, but it’s also worth it. 

Learning anything is no easy task, but skiing is definitely up on the list of one of the hardest things I had to learn. 

There is no easy way to do it and sometimes what a teacher tries to show you doesn’t make much sense at all. 

But if you stuck with it and experienced the excitement of that first turn like, then you have a gift that is always giving. 

Every year you can go back to the mountain and keep improving upon your own individual skills. 

Skiing opens up a lot of opportunities to makes friends and spend time with people. 

On top of that, it’s amazing exercise and is a fun way to stay in shape during the long winters. With all these upsides, it’s hard to figure out why people don’t choose to learn and shy away from the slopes. 

Learning anything new is an opportunity, so next year if you have the chance to learn, DO IT. Don’t pass up opportunities just because you’re scared and nervous. 

You can’t know how to do everything, but by taking that leap you can pick up another skill. 

If you already knew how to ski and went a little more this year, then kudos to you as well. If you really enjoy something, keep doing it. 

It’s important to do things you’re passionate about and enjoy because if you don’t, you’ll enjoy life a little less. 

Skiing gives you a freedom that many people don’t have the opportunity to feel. 

When you come down the trail at high speed, it feels like you’re flying among the clouds. 

The sun makes the mountain beautiful. The views from the peaks stretch like oceans. When looking out on the land, it seems as if the sky and mountains create a whole new dimension. 

Skiing gives you the opportunity to get away and escape from the confinements at home. A day of skiing can take away all forms of stress and just leave you content. 

Although the skiing season is coming to an end, the snow will return next year with new opportunities. 

Be sure to get out there next year and take advantage of what New England has to offer. With such long winters, why not pick up a new hobby to make the long winter season that much better? 

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