On April 20, the men and women of Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) celebrated the conclusion of another successful Greek Week. Each spring, the fraternities and sororities of Keene State College come together for one week to compete in various games and contests in order to determine which fraternity and sorority will come out on top. 

Events range from athletic games, such as tug-o-war, relay races, floor hockey and football; to more entertainment-oriented events, like food-eating contests, an airband competition, and a pageant titled “Mr./Miss Greek Week.” Organizations are given points for both performance and attendance, and try to earn the most over the course of the week. At the end of the week, the fraternity and sorority with the most points is named winner. 

While every organization strives to win Greek Week, the larger point of this week is for members of each organization to grow closer, not only to each other, but with members of other fraternities and sororities as well.

 During daytime athletic competitions and other events at night, it is always incredible to witness the level of sheer pride that each individual has for their respective organization, an intensity that I’ve really only ever truly witnessed during this special week, as well as a feeling of solidarity to achieve the same goal. 

Additionally, opponents in these competitions gain respect for one another and grow closer as a result. During night-time social events, all members of FSL are given the opportunity to bond with one another in a more purely social setting, devoid of competition. 

Having just experienced my third Greek Week, I can say there is nothing quite like it. Many of the closest friends I’ve made at college, I made during this week. Some of the most vivid and fondest memories I have of my time at KSC are from Greek Week. Screaming until I lose my voice during tug-o-war coach, marching down Appian Way while proudly waving my fraternity’s flag, reciting borrowed inspirational pregame speeches, wearing the same Greek Week shirt for a week straight, and singing in front of the entire FSL community are memories I’ll hold onto well after graduation. 

Masaki Carty can be contacted at mcarty@kscequinox.com

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