On Feb. 27, at 6:30 p.m., the Student Assembly was called to order.

Keene State College senior Tim Peterson was elected as Representative of Class 2018.

In the meeting, Treasurer of Student Assembly Casey Matthews reported an email was sent out on Feb. 26 to all registered presidents and treasurers of all student organizations.

The email lists the specifications for Fiscal Year 2019. The email also states that March 23 is the due date for all clubs’ budget submissions. Between March 24 and April 5, the student assembly will review budgets and hear appeals. Final allocations will be sent to the KSC business office on April 6.

Aubree Williams of the Student Dining Committee reported the Dining Commons is hosting an event called “Just Ask” on Friday, Feb. 30, where the students can ask any questions they have to the chefs and staff at the Dining Commons.

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