Some people exercise to be healthy while some exercise to become stronger and perform better in his/her sport.

I lift because I want to get bigger.

That’s basically it.

I started lifting about a year ago and, I must say, it quickly becomes addicting.

Once a routine is established, it doesn’t feel like a chore. It’s an hour a day that’s completely mine. Weightlifting (especially with music) is meditative and it allows me to put all my extra energy into something that will better me.

I firmly believe that anyone who really gives weightlifting a sincere try will quickly grow to love it.

Maybe you want to gain muscle or lose weight, but don’t know what to do or where to start.

In my experience, I’ve found most lifters are incredibly kind people that would be more than happy to help someone new correct their form or give them an exercise to work a certain muscle.

If motivation is a problem for you, there are three things that motivate me: the pump, the number and my brother.

After a hard workout I experience a ‘pump,’ the tightness in the muscle being worked.

The muscle is filled with blood, giving it a full look.

It’s noticeably bigger and inspires me to keep working hard.

There’s a reason the gym is lined with mirrors.

Not just to ensure good form, but to allow one to admire the results of their hard work.

No shame in a quick flex.

There will be times when it feels like the shape of the body remains barely unchanged despite weeks or months of working out.

But that’s where the number comes in.

A track runner will see progress through his/her race time.

A basketball player through his/her field goal percentage.

Similarly, in the weight room, progress will be seen in the weight.

As long as I can move more weight than before, I know that I’m getting stronger, and the time I’m putting in is worth it.

I’m lucky to have a brother who also goes to Keene State College.

Even more, we are very similar in strength.

Because of this, we’re competitive with each other and that makes lifting more enticing and motivating.

You probably don’t have a sibling who goes to KSC, but I recommend lifting with a friend, and pushing each other to get stronger.

Give it a try, there’s nothing like the present.

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