This spring Relay for Life will return to Keene State College in an effort to help fight against cancer. The event raises money to help support research, patient care, education and prevention activities.

anna heindl / equinox staff

anna heindl / equinox staff

On Thursday, Jan. 25 in the Mountain View Room of the Lloyd P. Young Student Center, the first meeting of the semester took place. Coordinator of Community Services at KSC Jessica Gagne Cloutier said that this year while some things regarding Relay for Life will be different,  she hopes that a lot of it will be the same and it will feel the same way that Relay for Life feels like every year.

A main difference from previous relays is that while most years a committee has been selected to run Relay for Life and the process begins in the fall, this year preparation hasn’t begun until now and there is not currently a committee in place, Gagne Cloutier said.

“A lot of people have shown interest in participating but it hasn’t shown when it comes to applicants,” Gagne Cloutier said.

The other thing that Gagne Cloutier said has changed this year is that the Greater Keene Community is not hosting a Relay for Life this year.

Gagne Cloutier said she hopes this can turn into an opportunity to have more people from the community who would’ve participated in the Greater Keene Community event to participate at the one at KSC.

Things that are staying the same when it comes to Relay for Life includes the events that will be taking place during the event, the goal for donation amount and the predicted number of people participating.

Gagne Cloutier said, “The goal really is still to raise $17,000. What I love about the event at KSC is that even with enrollment down we still have consistent funds…We usually see 350-500 people but we are closer to 350 with the dwindling population so we need to keep the participants entertained.”

One major part of Relay for Life according to Gagne Cloutier is the donation aspect and she said the American Cancer Society has an app that will now allow people to donate via credit or debit card.

Gagne Cloutier said she hopes that the app will help with donating and will make it easier for participants.

Relay for Life will take place on Saturday, April 7 in the Spaulding Gymnasium from noon to midnight.

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