Both men’s and women’s basketball teams took a victory over Western Connecticut State University last Saturday, Feb. 10. The men’s team won 84-71, while the women’s team won 95-79.

Luke Stergiou / Equinox Staff

Luke Stergiou / Equinox Staff

The Spaulding Gym hosted a series of exciting events, including the men’s senior game, an outstanding power game by the women’s team, and a well choreographed dance by the KSC dance team, who also honored their seniors.

Men’s basketball came out with a slow start, finding their stamina near the end of the game.

Junior Ty Nichols led the pack, helping five KSC team mates earn double-digits on the court.

Nichols himself scored 17 points, had six assists, four steals, and four rebounds overall.

First-year DeVon Beasley scored 15 points fresh off the bench, shooting 5 for 8 at the three-point line. First-year Miguel Prieto added another 12 points to the scoreboard, with fellow first-year James Anozie scoring ten points himself.

The men’s basketball team trailed for the first and second quarter, but quickly flipped the scorebard around, gaining back the advantage early in the second half of the game.

The Owls kept up the momentum, building upon their success on the court.

This overall led them to their victory over Western Connecticut.

The women’s basketball team came out with fire, quickly taking advantage over the scoreboard and having five double-digit scorers.

Senior Sandra Purcell made eight out of her 16 shots from the field, scoring a total of 22 points, having eight assists, four rebounds, two steals and one block.

Junior Emily McPadden made four threes, scoring a total of 12 points, seven rebounds, two assists and two steals.

Sophomore Mackenzie Bennett had 16 points herself, adding five rebounds and two assists to her overall performance.

First-year Abigail Thut made ten points, ripping down seven rebounds.

Lillian Shlimon also contributed 10 points to the Owls victory. The women’s team continued their aggressive offense, which led them to their victory over Western Connecticut.

In the final quarter of the game the Owls averaged a 47 percent shooting rate, helping boost them on the scoreboard in the final minutes of the game.

Western Connecticut did have a sudden scoring streak, but the Owls held them at bay and kept up their own hard work. The KSC Dance Team perfromed an incrediable halftime dance to send out and honor their five seniors, which livened up the gym even more.

With the overall double KSC wins and amazing halftime show, the Spaulding Gym was definitely the place to be last Saturday night.

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