Keene State College Student Assembly came to order on Nov. 28 to discuss student fee increases for various departments and organizations.

Director of Athletics Dr. Kristene Kelly gave a presentation asking for a three percent increase in the athletics budget out of student fees for the 2019 Fiscal Year (FY19).

Kelly’s request was voted on with one abstention and 18 votes in favor.

Director of Recreational Sports Lynne Andrews requested a 1.5 percent budget increase for FY19 to ensure that recreational facility hours will not be shortened.

The assembly voted unanimously in favor of Andrews’ request.

Director of the Counseling Center Brian Quigley and Director of the Center for Health and Wellness Christine Burke requested that their budgets be consolidated to give the two departments the ability to borrow funds from each other.

University System of New Hampshire Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs and Treasurer Catherine Provencher spoke in favor of Quigley and Burke’s request.

In addition, both Quigley and Burke requested a 2.5 percent increase in their budget for FY19.

Quigley made the case that if the Counseling Center were to not receive this increase the currently vacant position of Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Education would be eliminated.

The assembly voted unanimously in favor of the consolidation and the budget increase for both departments.

Jessica Ricard and Monica Doorley of the Alternative Break Program requested $2,500 to support the organization’s scheduled trips.

The assembly voted 17 in favor of the request with two abstentions.

Student assembly will meet next week, but there are no more budget requests scheduled for 2017.

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